We’d love to have you stay, but if you’ve chosen to not renew your lease, here is what you can expect:

30 Day Notice

Tenant(s) is required to give, in writing, a thirty-day (30) notice of intention to move. The more notice you’re able to provide, the smoother the process for all! You can email this notice directly to your property manager or mail directly to our address. The security deposit is NOT to be used as the last month’s rent and the Tenant(s) understand that the final day's rent is to be paid on the due date to avoid a late charge.

Move Out Inspection

We will perform a move out inspection once all your belongings have been moved out and will also collect all keys at this time. As a tenant, you do have the right to request a pre-move out inspection up to 2 weeks prior to your move out date. Your property manager- or whoever is inspecting -the home – can let you know what you might need to do prior to your move out date in efforts to help you get the property rent ready and try and get your full security deposit back.

Security Deposit

Once the move out inspection is performed and you have fully moved out you can expect to get a final accounting and security deposit back within 21 days from that point. We will provide you with a fully itemized list of any deductions along with invoices.

Auto Pay/Utilities

If you were on auto payments, please remember to turn off prior to your move out date to ensure you do not get charged for the following month. Since we have 21 days to do final accounting you will stay in our system for an additional 21 days from your move out. Please also ensure to shut off all utilities and any other services for the home you may have been paying for.