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We’re the property management company in Newport Beach that likes to conduct itself differently than most companies; we exist to improve the property management standard in Newport Beach. We’re a full-service property management company with a full set of affordable services to maximize your cash flow, minimize expenses, obtain and retain good tenants, be the point of contact, and most importantly, protect your investment.

We understand complex rental laws that property owners may not know pertain to them. Over 20 years of being in the business, we keep up-to-date with any present or future laws that might affect your investment property. Our property management team is one of our most experienced branches with many connections within Newport Beach.

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What is the cost of not doing business with us? How much time do you spend managing your own property? How much money have you wasted on vendors? How compliant are you with all the tenant laws? How good are you at selecting tenants? Do you let the tenant make demands of you?

For only a few dollars a day, you can start enjoying your investment property and stop wasting time,
money, and most importantly, worrying about your rental.


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Discover Newport Beach

Home to some of the most expensive homes and real estate in Orange County, Newport Beach has 85,000 residents and is a top tourist destination. In 1870 a 105 ton steamer ship named the Vaquero made its way through the lower and upper bay and unloaded its cargo and local landowners recognized its potential. In 1905 the city become the southernmost terminus for the Pacific Electric Railway connecting this beach town with downtown Los Angeles. There were only 206 citizens of the city at this time. At first the city was a maritime community supporting fishing boats and boatbuilding. It is now one of the largest home to docks with 9,000 in the harbor. Even though homes and apartments are expensive, with starter homes in the city starting at $1,000,000 and a recent sale of $50,000,000, only 54% of households are owner-occupied and there are many rentals.

Newport Beach Property Management


  1. Very desirable Many amenities (shopping, dining & entertainment)
  2. Great variety of housing
  3. Desirable weather


  1. Very high prices
  2. Overcrowding on weekends, holidays and summers
  3. Low cap rates